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new personal project

Work In Progress / 16 July 2023

Been playing around with this. Started as a rastically different piece, but I'm working it as I go, so could keep changing onto something different again, even though it feels as a more solid piece now.


Link | update 11

Work In Progress / 14 March 2022

Hair and temporal eyes


Link | update 10

Work In Progress / 23 February 2022
More renders.


Link | update 9

Work In Progress / 14 February 2022
Some wips. Still trying to balance the color and light balance between monitors.


Link | update 7

Work In Progress / 24 January 2022

I've been doing some testing to avoid cards and use xgen inside marmoset, so far is working good. The eyebrows are looking quite messy but they're just for testing purposes. Will do a few more iterations and get into the whole hair.



Marmoset 4 geometric hair

Work In Progress / 14 December 2021

This is just a quick fibermesh I did to test out some geometric hair in marmoset instead of hair cards, similar to unreal with alembic. I'm planning on doing some further tests with xgen but for now im fairly happy with it. Just material values, it doesen't use any input map.


Mylo | Arcane art study 2

Work In Progress / 30 November 2021

some more work. Gonna jump into the hair now, and then come back to the textures to adjust them and do the final pass.


Mylo | Arcane art study

Work In Progress / 26 November 2021

Art study I'm doing in marmoset trying to achieve the arcane look. Still need a lot of work on the textures but I think it is worth sharing a as a wip at this point.


Link | update 5

Work In Progress / 01 November 2021
Didn't actually worked on the clothes as much as I had planned, but I like the mood it is getting as a piece in general.

This ain't a big update but I thought it be nice to post.

will be posting some more wips.


Link | update 4

Work In Progress / 10 October 2021

Got back to it!

Some mayor changes on the lighting, and just optimizing geo a bit so marmoset works faster. 

Next on is to start putting in the works on the cloths.